Friday, June 24, 2011

Mexican Food For a Week

Last Saturday, I wanted to make my grandma a homemade Mexican dinner since she had grown tired of the hospital fare.  I made homemade beans, pork green chile and tortillas.  Even after feeding the family, I ended up with a fridge full of beans and chile.  In my family, it's almost unheard of to waste leftovers, so I made a fresh batch of tortillas and smothered burritos found its way to my dinner plate two nights in a row (and a burrito snuck its way into my lunch, too). 

Once the beans were all gone, I still had tortillas to use up.  So tonight's menu consisted of beef enchiladas with a side of guacamole. 

I accidentally ate half the bowl before I remembered to snap a pic

Life doesn't get much better than when amazing flavor assaults your tastebuds.

As always, happy eating,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Amazing Pineapple Upside Down Cake

If you're looking for an amazing recipe for pineapple upside down cake, you HAVE to try the Emeril Lagasse one (found here).  I made it today and am currently on my 2nd piece!  This was my dessert after having made pork green chile, beans and tortillas today.  Unfortunately I was too frazzled with family running around the house to take pics of all the greatness.  So for this one, I guess you'll just have to trust me that all turned out great!

Thanks, Emeril; you have made my day!

UPDATE:  I made this cake again and now have a picture! Please don't judge my pineapple slicing skills.
Can you tell I like Cherries in my cake?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

If Only I Had a Better Camera

Ever since I can remember I've been enamored with the sky - from its vast blueness accompanied by minimal clouds to the sunrises and sunsets and from storm clouds to starry night skies.  If I had a better camera, I would have been able to capture the beautiful rainbow amongst the storm clouds last night.  But since I don't, I hope you can engage your imagination a bit to still enjoy the photo.

And, speaking of rainbows, here's another shot I captured back in February when the temps were frigid.  Winter rainbows are a beautiful sight, also.
Look closely to see it vertically standing in the sky.

Now, any suggestions for a good camera that won't set me back and entire month's salary?!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Traditional Breakfast Less "Bad" For You

I have always had an affinity for bacon, eggs & hashbrowns, despite anyone's claims that it's an unhealthy breakfast (lunch or dinner) choice.  I've always hated the stigma attached to eating this traditional meal.  It's like people are staring at you with that "O.M.G. you're gonna die of heart disease" look on their faces.  Well, eat your heart out bitches because my breakfast just got better for me! 

My personal food philosophy is that I never eliminate any one food group from my diet.  I just don't believe in that type of eating because every nutrient - carb, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc. - have a purpose in our bodies.  Instead, I try to make eat more of the healthy fats and less of the not-so-good for ya fats.  I also try to eat my fruits and veggies and eat leaner meats and other high protein foods.  But, on those days when bacon and eggs just feels like the right choice - there's a few things you can do to make it less "bad" for you.

Bacon.  Only make the serving size listed on the nutrition label (usually 2 slices), but cut them in half.  You create an illusion of having more than you really are.  I went with applewood smoked (sooooo good) bacon tonight!  Bacon is high in protein, which keeps you feeling fuller for longer.  Also, I always opt for real bacon, not that turkey crap.  The turkey variety usually has more than just turkey meat in it, and I'd rather it be pure pig rather than a mix of birds and other animals.  Some of the additives that are put into turkey bacon to make it taste bud-friendly are also not good for you.

Eggs.  I made only 1 egg tonight so I didn't consume too much cholesterol.  I bought the eggs at a natural grocer's so they are cage-free (meaning they don't have antibiotics or hormonal products swimming around the yolk).  They are also higher in omega-3 fatty acids (brain food).  Eggs are also high in protein.

Hashbrowns.  Okay, here's where my weakness lies because I enjoy the taste of bacon grease on my potatoes.  So, I washed an organic russet potato and shredded it into my hot bacon grease.  I leave the skin on because that's where the potassium is primarily housed on potatoes (assuming the bacon grease didn't destroy it).

Drink.  Normally, I drink water with my meals, but tonight I had a craving for high-pulp o.j.  While it does have lots of sugar, I reason that because it's natural sugar I shouldn't worry about it.  It also has potassium and vitamin C. 

Dessert.  When my house is 80 degrees and a/c-less, nothing brings me pleasure like something ice-cold and sweet.  I took about a cup 1/2-1 cup frozen mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries), one probiotic drink (liquid yogurt), a splash of grape juice and ice.  Mix it in a blender and let it firm up a little in the freezer.  Enjoy this healthy pseudo-sherbert concoction.

Bedtime Snack. I'm a snacker; it's in my DNA (and mostly because I feel hungry almost all the time).  So, I had 3 medium size fresh strawberries and a handful of bing cherries.  I read that cherries promote sleep so it's a sensible choice before bed.  They are also an anti-inflammatory fruit so they help relieve any pain you might be having due to inflammation (like arthritis or other joint pain; maybe even allergies). 

Here's to happy eating & not sacrificing flavor,