Friday, April 8, 2011

Venting Session: Finding Your Balance

My morning usually starts with me feeding my cats then stumbling into the bathroom for a hot, invigorating shower.  The scent of my shampoo makes my heart beat with joy and I'm (almost) ready to start my day.  But every day this week, I've been derailed on the upbeat start to my day.  I have repeatedly tried (and failed) to do something moderately cute with my hair.  Even something that looks relatively simple to do is a fail for me.  Before I even go to work, I manage to frustrate and fluster the hell outta myself.  I then rush out of the door hoping that I haven't forgotten my keys inside (keep in mind I'm usually clutching the keys for dear life because I've made the mistake of leaving them behind one too many times; sometimes in -20 degree weather). 

Then, my day consists of countless meetings and so many emails I'm beginning to drown.  Luckily, I can flag my emails and write a to-do list, but for the sake of our well-being, we all need ways to maintain and/or restore balance to our lives.  When we walk out of the office or off the job site - what do we do to usefully process that week's volumes of information, yet still enjoy our time away from work? 

Today, as I headed to my car, I really took in and enjoyed the sunshine (which I hadn't seen all day), and I was comforted by its warmth.   Naturally, I drove to my grandma's where I always find balance.  This is my #1 way to balance my life.  There's something about grandma (and her house) that keeps me grounded and makes me feel like the day's or week's or month's stresses aren't as big as my mind sometimes purports them to be.  I feel a sense of calmness when I'm there; whether it be the smell of food cooking, coffee perking, or the noise of family in general, I just find happiness there.  I find a safe haven to allow my brain some genuine down time!

But, as my grandma gets older and her blood conditions seems to be worsening, I wonder: what happens when grandma's isn't my refuge anymore?  I may be able to go to her house, but will the same feeling of comfort be there if she's not?  Nothing will ever be able to replace the balance that she's unknowingly placed in my life, and I thank God every day for her and the amazing way she's influenced me - whether she knows it or not. 

Another way I enjoy relaxing is blogging!  I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts, ideas, tips, etc in an e-world.  Whether people read them or not, I'm happy putting my blogs out there. 

Like any (normal) girl, I also use retail therapy on the occasion I can afford it.  This weekend I might do a mini-session of retail therapy by getting some hair dye and forcing my cousin to help me with the peek-a-boo highlights she's convinced me I should want.  Of course I'll help her do some in her hair too, and we'll make a girls psuedo-salon session in my miniature dining area.  What fun!

Then, it's back to devising my best plan to consume all the information I need to be competent in my work environment!

Balanced & Relaxed,

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