Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Accidential Obsession

When I walk into a department store that sells perfume, it's not typically what I'm there to shop for.  Until recently, I never even considered myself the "perfume type."  In fact, when I do occasionally shop for it, I grimace at the flowery scents that invade my nose and silently curse the women who have unknowingly used such scents as weapons against me.  But, this discerning nose of mine hasn't discouraged loved ones from giving me the gift of my current perfume obsession.  Humorously enough, the very perfumes that I love were never picked out by my nose.  Nope, every perfume I own (with the exception of two) was a gift.

So, what's in my growing collection?

Latest addition (which I love) - samples of CLEAN perfumes that my aunt gave me upon discovering her dislike for them.

My wonderful samples from left to right: Versace Bright Crystal (first 2) and Victoria's Secret collection (too many to name)
DKNY (left is Fresh Blossom & right is the original) and Revert Eco by Rue 21 was an xmas gift from my grandma.
Clinique Happy Heart was my 1st purchase; the D&G Light Blue and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy were b-day presents from my brother (good job brother!).
What are your fav perfumes?  Do we share any common loves?


  1. I need to start buying perfume. I still have the same bottle of Heavenly by Victoria Secret sitting in my house...

  2. I loooove the Light Blue-I have like 3 bottles! I honestly have too many others to name. I have a slight obsession with smell goods!!